Christmas Buying Guide: Best Kids Electric Scooters

Christmas is around the corner and your child has asked for the best electric kids scooter that money can buy. There are lots of things to consider when buying a kids e-scooter, not only whether it is age appropriate but also how far and how fast you want it to go. An electric scooter is a fast and fun way for your child to get around, but you also want to know that they are safe. The final thing to consider when purchasing an electric scooter is convenience. With shorter charge times, kids e-scooters are ready to go and easy to carry. We’ve outlined some of the best kids’ electric scooters depending on their age, including Razor and Zinc electric scooters.

Zinc Beam Electric Scooter

If you have a young child and don’t want to spend too much on a kids e-scooter then the Zinc Beam Electric Scooter is a great choice at just £123.99. With a max speed of 8 km/h, this is the best electric scooter for kids as young as six, however, the adjustable handlebars mean it will last them for a few years. It has a range of 7km and a quick charge time of two to three hours. If you forget to charge before you go on the school run, this Zinc kids electric scooter can be used manually as well.

In terms of safety, the Zinc Beam has a non-slip footplate, rear footbrake and light up deck and front wheel. This is a cool aesthetic feature for your child, but also a good way of spotting them on winter evenings. On Christmas Day, you won’t have any problems assembling these kids electric scooter, as it has minimal assembly and a weight of just 4.7kg.

Ninebot Segway Zing E8

If you’re looking for a kids e-scooter with more power and range, the Ninebot Segway Zing E8 is recommended for children aged six to twelve and is priced at £229.99. This kids e-scooter reaches 14 km/h and has a range of 10km, with this added power comes greater safety features too. Ninebot Segway have made extra efforts to keep your child safe, not only providing a helmet with the red version of the e-scooter but also has three independent braking options on hand, foot and regenerative brake.

This is the best kids electric scooter in terms of teaching them to ride safely too, with three riding modes, including cruise control, so you always know where they are. Similar to the Zinc kids electric scooter, the Ninebot Segway Zing E8 has reflector stickers for visibility on darker evenings. The charge time is a little longer at four hours and is slightly heavier at 7.9kg, however, this just accounts for the longer range and bigger speed. This is another portable scooter that has a hand-free easy folding mechanism, so if your little one gets tired, you can carry the scooter with ease.

Razor Power Core E300

If you have a teenager aged 13+, one kids’ electric scooter to consider is the Razor Power Core E300. This scooter has the highest price point at £329.99, but it also has the most power for your money. With a run time of 40 minutes continuous, it can take ten to twelve hours of charging, but this gives your child a little bit more independence when they crave it most. Safety features include an electric hand-operated rear brake and a super-sized deck and frame, meaning your child will be comfortable on their ride. This is the heaviest scooter at 23.67kg and is ideal for their trip to school with its retractable kickstand.

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In the UK, it is against the law to rise electric scooters on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads. Privately-owned e-scooters can only be used on private land with the owner's permission and a rider should always wear appropriate safety equipment.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ride their e-scooter within local laws and therefore assume all liability and risk associated with the use of electric scooter products. Read more about navigating through the UK law on electric scooters.