Everything you need to know about Xiaomi m365 Electric Scooter

If you haven’t yet ridden the Xiaomi m365 e-scooter by Mi Mijia then you need to! Electric scooters have boomed and the most popular hottest e-scooter on the block at the moment is the Xiaomi m365. 

We think the reason is not only is it’s compact, durable design, but the tyres on m365 scooter are inflatable giving a more comfortable ride than other electric scooters on the market. With the m365 electric scooter weighing in at 12kg and it’s foldable design, it’s certainly possible to carry on the train or up the stairs. 

The Xiaomi m365 e-scooter comes in two striking and trendy colours: grey or white and it’s distinctive form certainly makes the m365 stand out from the crowd. And I hear you ask is it possible for the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter to ride up hills or over difficult terrain. We’ve tested it on riders weighing up to 90kg and it didn’t really struggle. Of course, it does depend on the steepness of the hills and the harshness of the terrain. 

With m365 scooter only taking 4-5 hours to charge, using any UK mains, the e-scooter enables you to charge your electric scooter whilst on the train, or at work, or in a cafe whilst catching up with friends. 

The scooter can be connected to Mi Mijia Xiaomi App via bluetooth and gives you with even more features including locking your Xiaomi m365 scooter, your battery life and option to change your speed setting from eco or sport mode. In eco mode you get a bit more juice (mileage) with up to 18 miles but then it’s compromised on speed. In sport mode you can ride your Xiaomi m365 e-scooter up to 15.5mph. 

Oh, and the Xiaomi m365 can be ridden in the dark as it comes conveniently with a front light, which is very bright, and a back-light which also acts as a brake light, making it perfect for a night time explore with friends and family. 

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