Discovering the World of Electric Scooters

I am lucky enough to have the beach as my garden. It was just before Christmas 2018 when I was having a stroll along the beach-front five minutes from my house. It was a still Winter’s evening and dusk was on the horizon. I could see four small dots on the beach promenade near to Bournemouth Pier, moving quite fast. They were getting bigger. As they were coming towards me it was clearer to me now, a family of four, a dad, mum, boy and girl, on scooters. I had not seen these types of scooters before.


They shot passed me and I turned my head to take a closer look. The scooters did not make a sound. As a former architectural designer with a visual mind and memory I managed to keep a good image of what the scooters looked like and when I got back home I started researching the models. It soon became apparent that the family of four were riding an electric scooter model called Xiaomi m365 by Mi Mijia. The e-scooter comes in a trendy grey colour but since then I have since others riding Xiaomi m365 in white which look very in fashion and really stand out.


Since my first experience of encountering an electric scooter I have got myself super excited about where this new innovation could take us all on this planet we call home. Not only are Xiaomi m365 electric scooters foldable,  they are environmentally friendly, and with climate change being a “hot” topic right now, electric scooters could be a game changer for commuting, exploring and adventuring. 


And here we are - Scooter Hub an online store, where you can buy your brand new electric scooter and we don’t feel it’s fair you should have to pay for delivery so delivery is free!