Scooter Hub Price Match Promise

At Scooter Hub we pride ourselves in offering great value to our customers.

To ensure we never let our customers down we have created the ‘Scooter Hub Match Promise’. This means you won’t pay more when shopping on Scooter Hub as we price match wherever possible.

To offer this guarantee we actively monitor and update our pricing based on a number of competitors. We are aware however, that there will be scenarios where we have missed something.

If you find an Electric Scooter online that is being sold for less than the price offered on Scooter Hub, please get in touch and we may be able to match it. If you find a price you believe we should be matching please get in touch

We price match any online retailer offering genuine, official UK stock (excludes EU stock). The product has to be brand new and in stock on the retailers website and must not be part of a clearance sale, auction or bulk buy discount. No promotional offers or vouchers can be used in conjunction with the price match. We are only able to price match one product per customer. 
We aim to have the lowest prices on UK stock across Xiaomi and Ninebot Segway models and, as part of our lowest price guarantee, check the market on a daily basis to uphold this.
Scooter Hub reserves the right to make the final decision on any price match requests and may choose to cancel the price match at any time.

erms & Conditions
  • The electric scooter price guarantee is only applicable for Electric Scooters on Accessories are not included
  • The competitor must be based in the UK and sell directly to customers
  • The item must be the same including the colour, size, plug type and warranty
  • The competitor's item must be in stock and available to buy
  • The competitor's price must include delivery and be expected to arrive within the next 7 days
  • The price must not include any membership, bulk buy discount, personal discounts or auction prices
  • No other promotional offers or vouchers can be used on top of a price match
  • We will not match against clearance, closing down sales, pre-sales or specialist retailers such as market stalls
  • We will not match against auction or marketplace sites

Trust is important to us

Scooter Hub Online Ltd is a trusted, authorised retailer, selling only 100% official, genuine stock that comes with UK / EU warranty, has an identification / serial number that can be traced back to specific, manufacturer approved factories and has undergone numerous rigorous quality control safety checks.

Unfortunately, there are many retailers on the internet selling fake electric scooters, some without UK / EU warranty, requiring you to send them back to the place of origin, which is very often China. 

In addition, we have nothing to hide, so unlike other retailers, Scooter Hub are very happy to list our directors’ names, company registration numbers and business address at the bottom of every web page, so you know exactly who you are buying from.

Beware of counterfeit stock
Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous electric scooter websites out there ranging from resellers selling stock that hasn’t been safety tested; to hiding the model identity numbers (to prevent tracing) to downright complete fraudsters - where you will be lucky to receive an e-scooter at all (we have found this to our cost!).

Some online retailers are selling counterfeit or modified electric scooters that look just like the real thing, even have a similar name. It is really confusing at times. For example, there are multiple retailers selling counterfeit Xiaomi M365s, including M365 in the product name, M365 photography and many of the same specifications. When quizzed, these retailers will tell you that they use the same design but have changed certain parts (motor power for example). But beware, these products have not been produced or are supported by Xiaomi, so they won’t be protected by Xiaomi warranty and have not been safety checked. So you take a big risk with them!

As a rule, we deal directly with the manufacturers and their European distributors, ensuring the electric scooters you receive are 100% authorised, genuine stock. Guaranteeing you the very best performance and in the event of any product fault, you have the peace of mind with extended manufacturer product warranty.

Online checks you should use as a rule
Generally, if the price is too good to be true, then you are advised to do you own thorough checks. For example, see who owns the company, using companies house, do a web search to see that company address actually exist. Search the forums, Facebook for feedback on the website. Lastly, when spending over £100 it is advisable to use a credit card, as this greatly increases your chances of getting your money back in the event of any fraud problems.

Buy from trusted retailers
Together we can help to prevent fraudsters from winning and dangerous scooters (from untraceable sources) flooding the roads to uphold safety and preventing accidents at the same time.